Thursday, 20 July 2017

ACIC Coffee Morning

Coffee Morning at Holy Island Village Hall

10.30am - 8th August 2017

Raising funds for Children in Crisis

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Holy Land Visit (April - July 2017)

We have just completed a three month visit to the Holy Land and I am delighted to report that all the children are well and fees for the academic year 2017-2018 have now been paid giving a secure education and peace of mind for the next year. One of the boys has now graduated from school and will be heading off to University to study law later this year. ACIC alongside another UK charity will be joining forces to ensure that this young man’s fees are paid. Another young man whose welfare we monitor has started receiving essential dental work to save his teeth which are in the most appalling state. We have also been asked to help two more children whose father struggles with severe mental illness and extremely poor living conditions. We are very happy to be able to support his two sons as they start kindergarten in the Autumn. All the children are really benefitting from the support we are offering.

Monitoring each child’s educational, welfare and medical needs is ongoing and so important. We are being advised and working alongside some wonderful medical and educational professionals both in the U.K. and the Holy Land.

Boutros, a man who I have known for the past ten years is one of those rare people who gives without even thinking of seeking anything in return. As one of our local advisors he has stood beside me, the children and ACIC consistently, offering shelter, food, local knowledge, wisdom and humour and always with a huge smile. It was in his house in Beit Jala where the idea of ACIC was conceived. He is presently receiving chemotherapy for cancer. I ask for your prayers for Boutros, his wife and children.

All the children continue to be supported as the result of the kindness of individuals and groups. This support makes such an enormous and fantastic difference to children in crisis in a region where not only violence but endemic poverty and a lack of hope blights so many young lives. Because of this support, children are now receiving a good education, professional welfare support and the best available medical care. I have to say again, that I have the enormous privilege of working with the children, teachers, doctors, parents and others. I can see first-hand what a difference we all are making together for those in the greatest need. Thank you, on behalf of the children, to all those who so generously and selflessly support these young lives.