Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Events 2019

We are looking forward very much to the following events:

14th August                  Coffee Morning in Holy Island Village Hall to raise funds to  help us support the children.

12th – 15th September     Talks at the Roman Catholic Church in Thurso  to say thank you for such wonderful support and to talk about the situation of children in critical need.

20th & 22nd September     Musical Event at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Cathedral, Aberdeen. To listen to fantastic music, to raise funds and to raise an awareness of the situation of children in crisis.

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Making a difference

We are delighted to report that all the children have been visited in their schools, hospitals and homes and are really benefitting from the support being offered. Fees have now been paid until the end of the academic year 2020 which will ensure a secure continuity of education in both schools and universities. An enormous thank you to all who so generously give both of their time and financially. It is continuing to make such a positive difference to these young lives.

Friday, 1 February 2019

Talks and Events

We are really delighted to have been invited to give talks over the next few months to help raise an awareness of the educational, medical and welfare needs of children in crisis in the Holy Land. Alongside these talks we are also in the process of arranging social and musical events to help us raise funds to support the children.

We feel it so important that we continue in our support and care for children in crisis so that there may be hope in areas where hope is so elusive. 

We will be travelling to the north of Scotland, Norfolk, Greater Manchester, Durham and Great Missenden to see old friends and to hopefully make new friends. We will keep you updated about dates and locations.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Thank you

Fund raising for the children's education and medical care is going apace. Coffee mornings, visits to give talks around the UK, our Patron, Gervase Phinn, giving a wonderful talk in Newcastle, people regularly giving and a BT My Donate fundraiser have all meant that the children's needs can be met. On behalf of those young people whose lives are being positively transformed, an enormous thank you to all who have taken the time to so generously support them.

Thursday, 5 July 2018



We are now back in the UK following a successful three month visit to the Holy Land. All the young people who are part of ACIC were seen in their homes and in some fantastic schools and hospitals. All are receiving the support that is so desperately needed. We are delighted to see much progress - recovery in hospital following such a brave battle with cancer, a new business following hard work and determination, success at final secondary school exams following a great deal of study and great results from those at university. We are so proud of all the young people who, with support, are climbing out of critical situations.

Now that we are back in the UK it is time to try and raise an awareness of the plight of children in crisis in the Holy Land. We were so happy last evening to talk with a lovely group from Norfolk about the situation of the children. In the next few weeks we will also be visiting Darlington and Manchester to talk with other groups to share something of our work and give an update about the children.

At the end of next month, we have fundraising events including an evening with Gervase Phinn, our patron, who will be giving a talk at the castle in Newcastle. We will be publishing details of this shortly.

An enormous thank you to all who support the children - you are making such a great and positive difference to some young lives.