Friday, 25 November 2016

Banff and Macduff

We are absolutely delighted to have been invited back to Banff and Macduff. We will be talking, over the next three days, about the work of ACIC and discussing the situation of children in crisis. There has always been a great and warm welcome when we have visited the area in the past and we are looking forward very much to heading back up the road again to see friends in the north of Scotland. An enormous thank you to Robin Wiseman and John Woodside for their kind invitation and support.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Thank you

Today we had our fourth trustee’s meeting of the year where we continued to discuss how best we can serve the needs of children in crisis in the Holy Land.

A huge thank you, on behalf of the children and from us, to sponsors, donors and all those who volunteer their professional time both here in the UK and in the Holy Land. Thank you for your kindness and dedication to the needs of children in crisis. 

We are so happy to be able to share with you in positively changing some young lives by offering support with welfare, education and medical care to those children in the greatest need.

Today, also, we are absolutely delighted that Pearl Saddington has agreed to join ACIC as a trustee. We welcome Pearl along with her professional knowledge and look forward very much to working with her. Pearl has a great history of working with and encouraging young people. When children from Beit Ibrahim visited the UK seven years ago, Pearl was very much part of making the children's experience so fantastic.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Child Protection and Risk Assessment

ACIC seeks to ensure that those children in our care are listened to, treated with respect, with compassion and sensitivity and are offered the best available and most appropriate support we can.

As such, we see it of paramount importance that we regularly discuss and update our Child Protection Policy and also our assessment of risk relating to the work of ACIC.

We also see that it is essential that those members of ACIC who are working in sometimes difficult situations can ‘offload’ when they return to the UK. We, therefore, offer a professional service to members of ACIC who can talk confidentially about their experiences to a qualified practitioner.

Should you wish to see our updated Child Protection Policy or receive any other information about the charity please contact us through our web site