Saturday, 17 December 2016

A very happy and peaceful Christmas to all

From all at Abraham’s Children in Crisis, we wish everyone a very happy and peaceful Christmas. It has been a very good two weeks of visiting schools and homes to ensure that all the children are receiving the support they have requested. I am delighted to report that all are doing well. We have been given such a warm welcome with so many smiles. Over the past few days we have been able to take some of the children to buy new winter clothes as the cold sets in, fees have been paid and we had a lovely Christmas meal with the youngsters from Hope School boarding section. We have listened to the concerns of children, parents and teachers and have tried, with some great professionals here, to find solutions together. As I write this, violence continues a pace here with such a waste of young lives. Their potential lost forever! I have just returned from a village near here where one boy has been killed today. Those I spoke to about it in the village talked in such a matter of fact way about his death. So much violence and death every day – it just becomes part of ‘normal’ life. Christmas is nearly here. If I look out of my window I can see Bethlehem. Surely, if there is any fighting to be done, it should just be for peace in this damaged world.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Thank You

An enormous thank you to all at Shore Fellowship in Macduff for the warmth of welcome we received when we visited last weekend. It was lovely to see friends from both Banff and Macduff and to be able to share something of the work of ACIC and the situation for children in crisis in the Holy Land. The kindness and generosity of those there will make a great and positive difference to the children.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Banff and Macduff

We are absolutely delighted to have been invited back to Banff and Macduff. We will be talking, over the next three days, about the work of ACIC and discussing the situation of children in crisis. There has always been a great and warm welcome when we have visited the area in the past and we are looking forward very much to heading back up the road again to see friends in the north of Scotland. An enormous thank you to Robin Wiseman and John Woodside for their kind invitation and support.