Thursday, 31 December 2015

A happy and peaceful 2016 to all

The past three months have, in different proportions, been wonderful, painful, joyous and sad. Trying to care for the education, medical health and welfare of children who find themselves in critical need has been a task.

I have worked with some fantastic and selfless adults who have given and continue to give all of themselves to the care of children.

Also, I have had to steer a path past those who have shown themselves to be greedy, corrupt and with a sense of entitlement. Those who feel that anyone coming from ‘the west’ is rich and is willing to finance anyone who asks.

It really is not simple, as all who live in this region are suffering in some way from the situation in which they find themselves. A psychologist friend in Bethlehem told me that there is a collective suffering of depression. It is not an easy place in which to live, with so many pressures on daily life. Violence and violent death are daily occurrences, restrictions on movement, religious tensions, endemic poverty in certain areas and just trying to lead and live a ‘normal’ life all contribute to this sense of despair.

However, and it is big however, the vast majority of those I meet, smile, show great welcome and have such a great inner strength, a strength that I have witnessed in very few other places around the world. I am met by warmth and cheerfulness by children who live in such difficult situations. And it is for these children in such terrible critical need that we created Abraham’s Children in Crisis. Throughout the world there is corruption and greed and so it is with the greatest care that we work hard to ensure that every penny/shekel is used to try to help lift young people out of their crises. We listen, we consult professionals and we monitor and if at any time we feel that the child is not receiving the help he or she needs then we again work hard to find a solution.

We thank the children for allowing us to try and help them. We thank the parents, advisors, schools, hospitals, doctors and other professionals who give of their time so generously and freely. We thank those, who so selflessly financially support these youngsters. There are so many people to thank for enabling the children to receive a good education and live a healthier life in the hope, the very sincere hope, that it might make a difference.