Thursday, 27 November 2014

The next generation

Another very good day at SOS Children’s Village. Following last week’s International Children’s day, Sister Lucia and Mahmoud from Caritas Hospital and some wonderful Italian performers visited the children in their homes to give a smile. This is another wonderful example of people working together from different countries and cultures trying to bring a little light into the lives of children.

This next generation, who will hopefully not hurt this world and its people as much as this generation, are our future. Learning about and experiencing different peoples and cultures is a great education and emphasises that we are, despite a few differences, so much the same, with similar aspirations, needs and desires. To show that people can work together in peace by putting aside all that is unnecessary such as greed, the yearning for power and money is essential for the future of the next generation of custodians of this so dreadfully damaged world.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Thank you

Yesterday I received an email from a lady in Edinburgh saying that she had decided to send the charity £500. I had talked at her church some months ago and had emphasised that I felt that the education of girls was, to me, an extremely important and urgent issue. When I received the email I was sitting in a school outside Bethlehem discussing with a teacher there the best way to help a young girl who is having great difficulty with parts of her education. When I saw what this lady had given, it immediately opened the door to us being able to offer to support this girl with some extra tuition. This will make such an enormous difference to her life, a life, which to date has been a long and bitter struggle. Thank you to all who support the children. I can talk about and show photographs of the children and the positive difference made to their young lives but this cannot fully explain or describe what I witness – the smiles, the relief of parents who know that their children will receive a good education or good medical help. I am fortunate and privileged to see this – so again, thank you.

Generous giving of time

It has been a very good few days working alongside other people and organisations. I am delighted that so many good, kind people are offering to volunteer to help ACIC and in turn the children in need. One young man, whilst deciding his future, wishes to give his time to the helping of others. This is the spirit of so many here.

Friday, 21 November 2014

International Children's Day in Bethlehem

A fantastic day today at the SOS Children’s Village in Bethlehem. 

To celebrate International Children’s Day we helped to arrange clowns, dancing, music, singing, art, sweets and drinks for about 100 children. 

There was much smiling and laughter from children and adults alike. The SOS Village is such a warm, welcoming place and very much the feeling of a home for children with some wonderful caring staff. 

A huge thank you to all who gave freely of their time to bring a smile to many children’s faces.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Such gentle kindness!

On Tuesday, I was able to work alongside the Bethlehem Rehabilitation Hospital outreach team, a social worker, a psychologist, an occupational therapist and a physiotherapist.  We went to the village of Al Ubudieh just outside Bethlehem. One very bright young girl we met, who is permanently confined to her wheelchair, is not able to go to school because of the situation of the house which lies up a steep rough track. Maybe an approach to the local Mayor who, with some luck, might authorise a wheelchair track which would enable her to get to school. The care shown by the professionals in the outreach team was just wonderful to witness. Such gentle kindness in this difficult area is a privilege to see.

Today we received the news that we have been waiting for. Since we decided to start the new charity Abraham’s Children in Crisis in February this year we have worked hard to create an organisation that will benefit those children in the greatest need here in the Holy Land. The Charity Commissioners have now accepted our application and have registered us with the registered charity no. 1159189.