Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Two years of life on Zoom, FaceTime and Messenger

For us at Abraham's Children in Crisis, the COVID pandemic has meant that we have been unable to be 'on the ground' in the Holy Land caring for the medical, welfare and educational needs of children and young people in critical need. We have spent each day since December 2019 being in contact with the youngsters, their parents or guardians, with our fantastic advisers, with teachers and medical professionals to ensure that the children are receiving the support that they need. 

We have managed, with the enormously kind help of our sponsors to pay all the school, university and medical fees that make it possible for the children to receive a stable education and receive good medical care.

We are looking forward so much to being back in the Holy Land soon listening to those who are in crisis and endeavouring to offer support.

A great thank you to all who have made this continued support possible. Many young lives have been so positively changed because of you.

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