Wednesday, 10 February 2016

ACIC - 2nd Anniversary

On the 8th February we celebrated the second anniversary of our operating as a charity, offering care for the medical, educational and welfare needs of children in crisis in the Holy Land.

Sharing in the pain and sometimes the joy of the children of this troubled area and seeing the resilience, determination and bravery of so many is such an enormous privilege. Enabled by many fantastic people both in the U.K. and the Holy Land, the charity has now been able to help lift more children out of their crises. This has been achieved by listening to the children and their families and working alongside medical, educational and welfare professionals to ensure that we can offer the most practical and appropriate help to those who are in the greatest need.

It is so important, we feel, that we continue to be dedicated to being apolitical and non judgemental - helping children solely on the basis of need and not on the background or faith of the child.

Over the past two years we have given fifty six talks around the UK to try and raise an awareness of the plight of children in crisis in the Holy Land. Universally, we have been received with such welcome and generosity by some wonderful people of all faiths and of none in churches, mosques, schools and other organisations.

Over the next few weeks we are looking forward very much to visiting and giving talks at:

St. Michael and all Saints Church in Edinburgh

St. John the Baptist Church in Epping

St. Anne’s Church in Catterick

Holy Cross Church, Fenham in Newcastle

King James’s School, Knaresborough

An enormous thank you to all who have contributed with such kindness and generosity to these young people by the giving of time, financially or in any other way. It really has and will continue to make such a positive difference to many young lives.