Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Thank you

Abraham’s Children in Crisis is now just over one year old and is progressing positively, deliberately slowly and carefully. As of today all the children for whom we care are safe and well and receiving the help they need. All school and medical fees have been paid for 2015-2016 which will ensure on-going care for the next year. Having just returned to the UK it is now time to try and raise an awareness of the plight of children in crisis in the Holy Land. I look forward again to travelling around England, Scotland and Wales giving talks and listening to the views of all. Thank you to all who support the children either financially or with advice and encouragement. It all makes a huge and positive difference to the lives of children.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Good Progress

As it nears the end of this time here, I am delighted that those young people for whom we have a care are all making good and positive progress. We have visited homes, hospitals and schools to ensure that every penny that has been so generously donated is going to the benefit of those youngsters that really, desperately need help. We investigate each case thoroughly before agreeing to help to make sure that we are offering care to those who find themselves in real and existing crisis. The kindness of those adults here who have generously offered their time to help us in this task has been fantastic and our great thanks go to them for their advice and encouragement. To see young people smile, laugh and make good progress is our privilege to see – thank you to all who remain at home and make the financial sacrifice to make such a huge a difference to these young lives.