Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Two of the bravest!

A very happy Easter to all (those of the Catholic persuasion) and a good Holy Week to those looking forward to Easter this coming Sunday in the Orthodox  Church.  This, the birthplace of Christ, is still a divided region in so many ways. As I return to the Holy Land I have been to see all of those for whom we presently care. Christian and Muslim children in hospital, in school and in homes. I am so happy that all are doing well and all are receiving the help they so badly need. Ayman and Salameh in hospital are now walking a little following terrible injuries sustained in the war. It is soon time for them to go home and regain their strength. Two of the bravest and most tenacious youngsters I have ever met. Today I will visit Al Shurooq School for blind children and then to see some youngsters in their homes with their families to ascertain the best help we can give. To those reading this in the U.K. – just to say that it is a beautiful warm day here in Bethlehem – I hope the weather there isn’t too cold!

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