Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas in Bethlehem

Having watched more slushy, sentimental ‘Christmassy’ tripe on the television, on posters, emails and on Facebook, my heart sinks as I sit here in Bethlehem as witness to just how little has changed over the past two thousand years. I am so sad that still, even after the message of Christ, born in this place, that as a world, so much greed, the scramble for money and power thrive at the expense of others. This is not the message of Christ! I am so proud of the children with whom I work, their smiles and determination in the face of all that is happening. They will not be sitting around a tree on Christmas day receiving the new up to date, in vogue, present – they will however be expecting nothing other than to live a ‘normal’ life in peace.

For those who sacrifice and support the children who really just need the basic right to a free life without fear - Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am lucky to see the difference it makes. For those without this privilege, who are far away from here, thinking of others – it is you who follow the message of Christ.

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