Thursday, 27 November 2014

The next generation

Another very good day at SOS Children’s Village. Following last week’s International Children’s day, Sister Lucia and Mahmoud from Caritas Hospital and some wonderful Italian performers visited the children in their homes to give a smile. This is another wonderful example of people working together from different countries and cultures trying to bring a little light into the lives of children.

This next generation, who will hopefully not hurt this world and its people as much as this generation, are our future. Learning about and experiencing different peoples and cultures is a great education and emphasises that we are, despite a few differences, so much the same, with similar aspirations, needs and desires. To show that people can work together in peace by putting aside all that is unnecessary such as greed, the yearning for power and money is essential for the future of the next generation of custodians of this so dreadfully damaged world.

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