Sunday, 26 October 2014

What real courage is about

Tonight I went to the Bethlehem Arab Society Rehabilitation Hospital with a friend who has suffered a series of mini-strokes. Fortunately he is recovering well. Whilst there, one of the youngsters we have been looking after, who has been seriously injured in Gaza, with a big smile asked me to come and see his friend, another we care for and also severely wounded in the Gaza war. When I got to the ward I was met by a ten year old boy, paralysed from the waist down, who with the biggest grin proceeded to make fun of me because of the Barcelona, Real Madrid match yesterday. I had previously told him that Barcelona, of course, would win, but he had assured me that I was talking nonsense and that his team, Real Madrid would be victorious. I had to concede that he was right and that Real Madrid had wiped the floor with my team, Barcelona. I have seen many good and bad things in my life but the fantastic, unbelievable bravery and the joyous humour of these two children has made me so very, very  proud to know these and many other great young people. 

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