Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Progress so far

A visit yesterday to the Bethlehem Evangelical Academy in Beit Sahour, a school that the last time I saw was just an outline on the ground and in the minds of Greg and Rawda Doolittle. These two teachers with their great vision and with the help of so many have created a wonderful new school in the Bethlehem area. I was very happy to be shown around and to see the start of something that I am sure will grow and flourish. It was very good to see the new students and teachers looking so settled and content in their new surroundings. Then to Al Shurooq school to see Ruba, the head teacher and discuss with her the situation of her children in this school for blind children. Then to Lifegate, a great facility in Beit Jala, that teaches young people with varying degrees of disability many courses to enable them to have a more positive and productive future. Also visits to the Arab Society Rehabilitation Hospital, The Holy Child Programme, Hope School and Talitha Kumi School to meet with social workers, teachers and the children we are supporting. All the children are progressing well. As the result of these visits we are now investigating the cases of four more children, who, depending on their circumstances, might also be able to be helped by ACIC.

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