Wednesday, 29 October 2014

More smiles

A great visit today spending time at Al Shurooq School for Blind Children. A Scottish group were visiting at the same time. It was lovely to hear some Edinburgh accents. I watched Shireen, one of the teachers, so patiently caring for the smallest of the children. She helped them with their food and then a wonderful gentle hand washing exercise outside. Later, I was able to sit in on a class. One of the boys was banging his hand on his leg and looked so frustrated. He took hold of my hand, held on and eventually calmed. Afterwards I talked with the head teacher about him. He is totally blind, has autism and has an extremely difficult home life.
Later today I went to The Holy Child Programme in Beit Sahour to pick up the school social worker and together we visited one of the children at home. A lovely visit with a smiling, caring mum with her two children. We helped with some English homework and in return I was taught how to count in Arabic. The youngster, a boy we are helping, is benefitting so well from the school.
Then to Hope School to see the youngsters. All seem very happy with Nader, one of the educators. I will take one of the boys to Ramallah tomorrow to see an audiologist.
Finally today to see the youngsters, so badly injured in the war in Gaza. I am met again with such warm smiles from these exceptionally brave children. I have, again, to undergo having fun made of me because of my allegiance to Barcelona Football Club. One day we will beat Real Madrid – maybe!

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