Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Many smiles hiding so much pain

Another busy few days working with social workers and teachers to identify those children in the greatest need. The one wonderful common denominator amongst all the children I have met is that, the young boy, now paralysed from the waist down as the result of the war in Gaza, the youngster with ADHD and Autism and the three year old who is blind and needing physiotherapy for other physical problems, all smile. The outstanding bravery of these children is unbelievable. The nurses, doctors, teachers, physiotherapists and social workers who give of themselves so compassionately and above and beyond the call of duty is just breath-taking. To talk with a boy today who travels about thirty miles to school each day following his kidney transplant because he yearns to learn is humbling indeed. So much pain but so many smiles. Thank you to the Holy Child Programme in Beit Sahour, Talitha Kumi, Hope School, Al Shurooq and Lifegate Schools in Beit Jala and The Bethlehem Arab Society Hospital for Rehabilitation also in Beit Jala whose staff quietly and with much love, care for our brothers and sisters here.

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