Sunday, 6 April 2014

In the Holy Land

I have been back in the Holy Land for three days and have received such warmth and welcome. My dear friend Laura joined me on Thursday and together we have been visiting homes, schools and boarding sections to check on the welfare of some of the children. All have taken to Laura very much and have shown the usual great hospitality. Laura and I worked together on Holy Island for some time and she is now a teacher in the south of England. So many of the young people are struggling in so many ways. Just to sit alongside and listen is where we intend to start. Today we visited Hebron to see the family of the first child ACIC would like to sponsor. We have had much discussion and listened to much advice on who should be first to benefit from the new charity. It will be a slow process to make sure that all is properly in place and that ACIC, the child and the family are all happy that the best and most appropriate care will be given.

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