Tuesday, 26 May 2015

What future?

So many young people were senselessly killed or injured during the conflict in Gaza last year. We have shared in a small way in the care of some of the injured children who found themselves being treated at the Bethlehem Arab Society Rehabilitation Hospital. Following ten months of intensive treatment, one of these children, a ten year old boy from Gaza, returns home today. He goes back to the place where his younger brother was killed beside him and a further twenty three of his family died. For the time he has been in the West Bank I have watched him bravely work so hard with all the medical and ancillary staff to recover what movement in his body that he can. During all of this time I have never seen him angry or unsmiling until today when I saw a flicker of pain in his face as he said goodbye to those who had dedicated themselves to him and his recovery. As he and his uncle were driven off to the checkpoint before travelling home I heard military jets flying high above us and with a sharp pain in my stomach I just wondered what it’s all about, that man can so easily inflict so much pain on children. No cause, no religion can be an excuse for inflicting such pain.

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