Monday, 11 May 2015

A privilege

Alongside the children we financially sponsor there are many others that we try to help. The monitoring of welfare and listening is so important for these very vulnerable children. Boarding sections for girls and for boys, home, school and hospital visits take much of our time. When we are actively available, ‘loitering with intent’ it isn’t too long before a youngster will come along and want to talk about football or life or what is troubling them. We feel it is very important to be available to listen without judging (except when it comes to football). Helping out with teaching in some of the schools (English and French) also takes much of our time. Today, I went to Hope School to visit the boarding section. Whilst watching television with a member of staff and the children, a small boy sat next to me and told me he was feeling unwell. We talked for a while and then he took my hand, put his head on my shoulder and fell asleep. To be trusted, to be available for young people who invariably have few to care for them is an unbelievable privilege.

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