Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Thank you

Yesterday I received an email from a lady in Edinburgh saying that she had decided to send the charity £500. I had talked at her church some months ago and had emphasised that I felt that the education of girls was, to me, an extremely important and urgent issue. When I received the email I was sitting in a school outside Bethlehem discussing with a teacher there the best way to help a young girl who is having great difficulty with parts of her education. When I saw what this lady had given, it immediately opened the door to us being able to offer to support this girl with some extra tuition. This will make such an enormous difference to her life, a life, which to date has been a long and bitter struggle. Thank you to all who support the children. I can talk about and show photographs of the children and the positive difference made to their young lives but this cannot fully explain or describe what I witness – the smiles, the relief of parents who know that their children will receive a good education or good medical help. I am fortunate and privileged to see this – so again, thank you.

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