Saturday, 1 November 2014

Some wet rainy days - still smiling!

A visit to Hope School in Beit Jala. Several members of the English Charity, Practical Compassion for Destitute Children (PCDC) are in the school showing great support for the children. Together with his mum, one of the boys and I travel to Ramallah to see an ENT surgeon who offers his advice regarding the youngster’s hearing problem. Driving out of Ramallah in the rain and dark is an ’interesting’ experience. All the drivers seem intent on crashing into each other. Eventually return to school unscathed. Whilst there I see one of the children who wants to talk about his future. So we sit for a while. It is a wonderful privilege to be able to be available to listen.

Another visit to Al Shurooq School to see three of the children who remain as boarders in the school at the weekend. Two of the children sing to us so beautifully, not only perfectly in tune but with fantastic harmony. We all sit together, three children, two members of staff and me, and have tea and cake. One of the older children joins us and talks about her study at Talitha Kumi School. Later, together with two of the boys from Hope School boarding section, we go to see their sisters at Talitha Kumi boarding section. It is so good to see brothers and sisters together.

Today a visit to the Swedish International Relief Association (SIRA) school in Jericho with Rolf Edeborg, the director of SIRA in this area. Meet the children and staff and have a tour of the school with the principle Salwa Shareef. A lovely bright and welcoming school looking after some very happy, smiling children with special educational needs.

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