Monday, 10 November 2014

Bravery, Humour and Resilience

This last month has been full of mixed emotions. To witness the bravery, the humour and the resilience of the children here has been an unbelievable privilege. The almost permanent warm smiles of the children who have been so terribly injured in the war puts everything else into perspective. Although, today, I visited a youngster in hospital who is also being treated and given therapy for her injuries sustained in the Gaza War. My heart broke to see this young girl in her wheelchair with such a beautiful but absolutely expressionless face. The level of trauma she must be suffering is beyond my understanding. On a positive note, since we started ACIC in February, I am delighted that today we have been able to take our tenth young person into sponsorship. It has been a deliberately slow process of listening, taking advice and investigating to ensure that the children who receive help from those who kindly donate their hard earned money, really, really are the children in the most desperate need. An enormous thank you to the donors, the teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers and so many more who have made a great difference to these children.

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