Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Beit Ibrahim (Abraham's Home)

Three years ago I wrote this report:

“I write this report today, 29th July 2011, with such a heavy heart. A final decision has been made today to close the Boy's Home (Beit Ibrahim) in Beit Jala. The closure of this beautifully run haven for children in desperate need is such a body blow to the thirty two children who live there and to the wonderful caring staff who have worked so hard at looking after the boys with such appropriate love. It has been, for decades, a place of sanctuary for children, both Muslim and Christian and a beacon of peace throughout the West Bank. Please pray for all involved”.

Following this closure, a new home was opened near the old one for a few of the most vulnerable of the children. Today is the last full day for most of the students at this new boy’s home. Again, the Church has decided for “good reasons” to close this facility which has given sanctuary for vulnerable children. A sad day indeed for the children and the very dedicated staff. We will again, try desperately to support the children as they move on. All the children will continue in their education and have been found alternative accommodation.

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