Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Today, visiting Talitha Kumi school in Beit Jala to talk with Jihad, the deputy head about the girl ACIC wishes to sponsor. I have watched in awe as he calmly deals with so many issues in his school and then sits and remembers all the details of the girl and about her interview with him last week. A further appointment is made for the girl and her mum to visit the boarding section next week and hopefully we will all have a positive conclusion. Later to visit the other boarding sections in Beit Jala. The older boys are studying for their Tawjihi exams. I remember so well my lazy attitude to ‘A’ levels a few years ago and desperately want to say wise words to these youngsters so that they don’t fall into the same trap as me. I yearn for them to succeed, not only with their exams, but with their lives in this most difficult and volatile situation. I and their teachers will stand with them as they sweat over physics, maths etc..

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