Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Over the past couple of months, whilst we have been getting the new charity under way, I have been giving talks in some churches around the U.K.. These talks have been to raise an awareness of the plight of children in the Holy Land and also to let people know of what ACIC is trying to achieve. This is maybe an opportunity to thank all those who have been so thoughtfully kind and generous whilst I have been travelling around the country.

St. Mary’s Church, Holy Island, Northumberland

St. Edmund’s Church, Roundhay, Leeds

St. Anne’s Church, Catterick, North Yorkshire

St. Michael and All Saints, Edinburgh

St. Francis Church, Bridgeton, Glasgow

This is also to thank the individuals who have been so generous in their giving to the work of charity. It will all make such a great difference to the lives of children in crisis.

Over the next few weeks I will be giving talks in Berwick upon Tweed, Banff, Denbigh, Newcastle and Manchester. If you would like more details please do contact me.

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