Sunday, 30 March 2014

The great people of Banff

I have just spent the most fantastic weekend in Banff. I take back all I've said about the Scots having short arms and long pockets. (I say this as a man from Yorkshire!) Rev. John Woodside and his friends made up three bands, ‘Beyond Boyndie’, ‘Whigmaleerie’ and the other being a combination of the two. A night of singing, excellent foot tapping music and dance and the opportunity to talk about the situation for some of the children in the Holy Land. The kindness and generosity of the folk that came to the concert and ceilidh was just amazing. £400 was raised for ACIC. All of this money will go directly to benefit children in crisis and will certainly make such a great difference. A huge thank you to John and Jan for their great hospitality and welcome, to all who were there last night, for their interest and generosity and also to all the fine musicians who gave of their time and who made it such a wonderful evening.

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